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Health Guru Karen's story featured on Health Guru (2014)


Health Guru
Karen is also featured in these videos at Health Guru:
Reactions to Diagnosis
Seeking Relief from RA Pain
Starting DMARD Treatment
Personal Experiences with Biologics
Looking forward with RA

Karen discusses finding love with RA on Health Guru (2014)
Health Guru Karen discusses various aspects of RA on Everyday Health (2014)
HooplaHa Featured in HooplaHa (2012)


Health Monitor On the cover of Health Monitor
(February/March 2012)
(click here for PDF article
"My Secret for Beating RA" - 1 MB)
Arthritis Today Cover On the cover of Arthritis Today (January/February 2011)
(click here to download article
"The Power of Hope" - 8MB)
Dealing with and tackling arthritis

Today Show
Dealing with and tackling arthritis
(October 2007)

Karen Ager on the Circle Watch Karen on The Circle

Listen to interviews with Karen:

with Margaret Throsby on ABC

A 2nd interview with Lisa at It's Your Health Radio (96.9 Boston Talks)

original interview with Lisa at It's Your Health Radio (96.9 Boston Talks)

on Community Focus (Troy University)


An article by Karen at Advance Global Newsletter
Health Central
An Interview with Karen Ager about Rheumatoid Arthritis
Lifescript Lifescript
One Woman's Search for the Right Rheumatoid Arthritis Treatment
(May 2011)
Bayside Leader Article

Bayside Leader
You Can Live Your Dreams
(July 2010)

Everyday Health EverydayHealth
Beating the Rheumatoid Odds: Karen's Success Story
(August 2010)
Get Healthy article Health Smart
Fighting Spirit
(July 2010)
Grazia article Grazia
I'll Fight it All the Way
June 2010
Time Magazine

Time Magazine Australia
Pain Free for a Price
(July 2002)
daily news
Daily News
A Weapon of Last Resort
(February 2005)
Shape Magazine
Mystery Symptoms
(February 2006)
Sydney Morning Herald
Sydney Morning Herald
Miracle Drug Denied PBS Listing
(September 2002)
CW 11 Interview
(May 2002)

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